10 products that can not miss in your pastry and confectionery

10 products that can not miss in your pastry and confectionery

Publicado: 25 April, 2023

There are many marketing products that exist in the pastry and bakery industry, however, you must know what are the inevitable items within the business, so that you can include them in the usual preparations offered to your customers. In turn, we will give you some improvement tips for your pastry and bakery business.

What should not be missing in a bakery?

Below, we expose 10 bakery and pastry supplies that you should always have in your business. Remember that the products named below can be found in the catalog on the Levapan page.

Pastry and confectionery items

Inevitable products in confectionery:

Essential products in the bakery:


This list of products will be your ally when it comes to creating and innovating in your business, it will undoubtedly help you improve your preparations and at the same time be able to market a portfolio of more diverse products of the best quality.

What are the differences between pastry and bakery products?

Although it is usually confused or mixed with each other both terms and in many cases they seem to be the same business, one of the biggest differences between bakery and confectionery beyond the types of products that each offers, which allows each one to stand out on its own are the inputs that are used, In the bakery it is very common to use large amounts of fresh yeast

for the preparation of bread, sometimes its use is much greater than in some pastries.

Pastry and confectionery items

Regarding the temperatures needed by each product, breads and their derivatives depend on the size of the piece and the amount of sugar needed to produce it., For confectionery, temperatures must be mild most of the time, in order to find the balance that sweet dishes require for their production.

What can be improved in a bakery?

They constantly ask us what are the points of improvement in pastry shops and bakeries, in reality there are many things that can help you boost your business and in turn make it different, so we share 7 ideas to start doing it in your business:

  1. Give free samples to customers of your bakery or new visitors, this is especially useful if you want to launch a new product or innovate with a new flavor, it will help you know the perception of your customers.
  2. Make a product catalog for events.
  3. Hold events in the company of local businesses where you can share ideas and promote your products.
  4. If you are an expert in any branch of baking or baking, offer classes in it, for example, courses in cake decorating, bread preparation, baking classes and cake making.
  5. Create and position your social networks and/or website.
  6. Run a loyalty plan for old customers.
  7. Offer new products constantly, at least once a month.

I hope this article has been of great help for your business to continue growing, remember that once everything you have learned is put into practice, art and innovation will be in your hands.