Experience Centers

We share our experience and knowledge to help you grow your business, our relationship with you as a LEVAPAN customer does not end once you acquire the products in our portfolio.

We also want to provide you with support for the correct use of raw materials and for you to obtain the best performance and yield in the preparation of your recipes.

If you are a food company, a bakery, a hotel or a restaurant, you will learn with us how to create new products and discover new ingredients to include in the recipes you offer in your business.

We have 2 types of training

  • Personalized consulting: our technicians come to your business once they have identified the need to diversify your product portfolio, apply new techniques or develop new recipes. Simply contact your consultant to check availability.
  • Face-to-face courses: these are training courses on very specific topics that are given to groups of clients invited by our consultants.


  • Proper use of the raw materials in our portfolio.
  • Develop new recipes with which you can surprise and delight your customers.
  • Implement techniques that allow you to be more competitive.
  • Learn about state-of-the-art equipment for food preparation.
  • Learn about good manufacturing practices and apply them immediately in your business processes.
  • Be informed about new trends in the bakery and confectionery market.

Our Schools

In these spaces you will learn about our portfolio and you will have equipment and tools for adequate learning. Through the schools, we also support the commercial areas of our strategic partners.

The baker's house

The Baker’s House is aimed at all LEVAPAN customers who already have or are about to have their own bakery or pastry shop.

Gastronomic School

The Gastronomic School is aimed at LEVAPAN customers who already have or will have a restaurant, a hotel, a casino, or bakeries that plan to include salt foods (lunches, sandwiches, etc.) in their product offerings.

These are places where you can learn how to use the raw materials and ingredients in our portfolio and how to create new products.

Grow your business with our trainings

No matter the size of your business. You can have a small bakery or a neighborhood restaurant,
a business with several points of sale or a large food industry.

If you have already purchased and are currently using any of the products in our portfolio,
you can access any of the bakery, pastry, chocolate or gastronomy training courses.

If you are the business owner, you can sign up directly or register one of your business partners.
bakers or collaborators to learn how to prepare any type of recipe.

The facilities

They are places designed to give you the best and most complete learning experience.

In the face-to-face courses, you can have access to our facilities which are equipped with modern bakery, pastry and gastronomy equipment and that you can use to practice what you have learned.

In addition, because we want you to grow with your business, we will advise you on the type of equipment you can purchase, as well as its correct use.

The Casa del Panadero
La Escuela Gastronómica
are located in the offices of
in Carrera 7 # 71-52 Piso 13 – Oficina 1301 Bogotá – Colombia

We also have facilities at the offices of
in Sabaneta (Antioquia).

Don’t worry if you are not in any of these cities.

Personalized technical advice will reach your business.

Do you want to know more about

La Casa del Panadero and La Escuela Gastronómica, as well as access to our
courses and consulting. Contact now with one of our advisors
and you will receive all the information you need.