5 tips to innovate in pastry.

5 tips to innovate in pastry.

Currently one of the most used words within the business lexicon is “innovation”, surely in your business you have used it with your workers for the management of your strategies and customer experience and, it is truly a verb that many sales processes lack, mainly in businesses such as bakeries, neighborhood stores and similar tasks, Therefore, Today I share through some questions that they frequently send us, 5 tips that give rise to business ideas in pastry shops.

What can be improved in a bakery?

Initially, think about what points you can improve in your bakery, I will expose the improvements that usually have this type of business below:

  • Customer service.
  • Adequacy of spaces.
  • Catalog well described.
  • Improvement of the business plan.

Often one of the failures to improve the quality of care for your business is usually in the hands of your workers or even you, ask yourself if you are kind to customers and if your service would make them come back. The adequacy of the spaces is essential to create a pleasant experience, running a bakery is not only based on selling the raw material of a day, but also generating long-term relationships with its customers.

Do not forget the way you offer your products, do you have a well-described catalog? Or, do you only have the menu in your head recorded as a disc?

It is very important that from time to time you evaluate your business plan, are you meeting the proposed objectives?, Do you need to change your bakery or pastry equipment?, Are the type of products you currently sell are giving you the expected profitability?. Asking yourself these questions will help you rethink or reinforce your pastry business idea.

What is sold in a bakery?

Although the question is answered autonomously and the most obvious answer would be the sale of cakes or bakery products, they frequently ask us about the products they can offer in their bakery, since as many believe, not only bread is sold, then I share some products from the Levapan catalog, these will help you keep in mind new consumer ideas for your customers and innovate using the best ingredients in the bakery industry:

  1. Fresh Yeast Levapan block of 500g.
  2. Essence White Vanilla Flavor Levapan® 60 cm³
  3. Tincture Caramel Levapan® glass jar per 650 g
  4. Essence Butter Flavor Levapan® 500 cm³
  5. Vanilla flavored pudding Gel’hada® laminated bag of 1kg
  6. Red Fruit Jam Levapan® 5 kg plastic carafe
  7. Gel’hada® 500g Unflavored Gelatin – Levapan
  8. Arequipe Pastry Levapan® bucket of 5 kg
  9. Levapan® PET Semi-Skimmed Sweetened Condensed Milk 3600 G
  10. Micropulverized sugar Levapan® 25 kg

If you want to know in detail the other products you can enter through the following link: www.levapan.com/para-profesionales/panaderia-bizcocheria/

How to attract customers?

Already having clear the products you can offer you should know how you are going to offer them or attract your customers, the first thing I recommend is to have special and visible offers in your business, most people always look for a benefit in addition to the product.

And, secondly, offer special samples of your less-selling products to increase demand and it is also necessary to create loyalty strategies, for example, put together a customer of the month and make it known to the public.

How to innovate in bakeries?

You can innovate in your pastry business by implementing the following actions:

Create social networks, expose your catalog strategically and update them.

  • Offer and exhibit new products.
  • Adapt the facilities.
  • Measure customer experience.

What is the trend in baking?

Finally, for those who ask us about trends, in this year one of the best pastry trends in 2022 were gelatin cakes, those shaped like tropical islands, glaze cakes and geometric and personalized cakes, if you have not yet implemented it in your catalog, try it.

Put the recommendations into practice and you will see how your business grows and is empowered.