7 Innovative Desserts for Your Business

7 Innovative Desserts for Your Business

7 Innovative Desserts for Festivities

Whether for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or for all kinds of festivities there is nothing better than a dessert to share with family, as a couple, among friends or with any special person. Undoubtedly, a magical moment will always be sealed with the experience that is lived at that moment and what better than to remember with the palate and not only with memory.

We recommend you take advantage of the most special seasons of the year, including these desserts that we will recommend below as options to choose from your customers after the main course. It will make the difference among your competition!

What desserts are fashionable?

To start broadcasting these innovative experiences in your business, you must know which are the desserts most demanded by your diners or in the last year and start innovating from them, some desserts that have been fashionable in this 2022 have been cheesecakes, cheesecakes and chocolate (the latter never go out of style), milk flan, fruit desserts in tres leches, among others. Here are seven innovative fruit dessert recipes and recipes:


1. Chocolate balls with apricot and orange

Innovative dessert recipes to surprise.In a bowl mix cashew butter with honey, then add cocoa powder and stir well. Add oatmeal, chopped apricots, orange zest and salt.

Then, mix everything with your hands, store it for ten minutes in the fridge and assemble balls bathing them in sesame.

2. Egg-free chocolate custard

Mix the sugar with the cornstarch and in a separate cup pour the milk, cream, vanilla extract and cocoa powder. Then, add the sugar mixture and cornstarch. Start cooking the preparation while stirring and when it boils, remove immediately from the heat, spread it in cups, leave it two hours cooling in the fridge and they will be ready for consumption. Your chocolate-loving customers will love it!

3. Arequipe natilla with fruits and gelatin

Make the usual preparation of gelatin of various flavors, after it is ready, mix in a container with chocolate squares of your preference and then in another cup where the normal mixture of chocolate custard is, stir with the previous mixture. Let cool and make your diners enjoy.

4. Blueberry mousse

Innovative dessert recipes to surprise.In a bowl place sugar and blueberries, then cook until the sugar has dissolved, remove from heat and pass through the blender and let it cool.

When ready, mix the cream cheese, yogurt and whipped cream in a bowl and slowly add the blueberry mixture. When serving it you can add any nut decoration on top.

5. Peanut butter cookies

In a medium cup mix peanut butter, sugar, baking powder and egg. Then, add nuts and sparks. With a spoon form 20 balls of dough and place them in 2 containers suitable for baking, if you want to make designs on each cookie and bake for 15 minutes, turn them so that they brown in their entirety, let cool and serve.

6. Frozen banana bites

Chop the bananas with a thickness of about 1 cm, place them on wax paper and add a tablespoon of peanut butter. Then, melt the chocolate and place it on each of the bananas. After letting them freeze for 1 hour, they will be ready for consumption.

7. Fruit Brownie

Innovative dessert recipes to surprise.The brownie is a pastry classic, but you can turn this easy and delicious recipe into something totally new for your customers, to achieve this follow the following recipe: in a small microwave-safe container, mix melted butter, milk and vanilla extract. Add sugar, cocoa powder, flour, salt and chocolate, then mix with strawberries and raspberries until the fruits are combined with the chocolate, take it to the microwave for 2 minutes and if you want more chocolate include some chocolate chips on top and serve it after letting it cool for 3 minutes. Also if you wish you can include an addiction of vanilla ice cream for children or more sweet customers.

I hope you can start trying different delicacies like those previously exhibited in your restaurant and, in addition, you can explore various pastry preparations and easy desserts to surprise each of your customers and visitors on those special dates. Learn these recipes and prepare them!