Types of Colombian breads.

Types of Colombian breads.

Bread is a staple food that is a fundamental part of the family basket of all Colombians due to its versatility, accessibility and tradition. Its preparation is based on a dough made with wheat or corn flour, cereals, water and an addition of yeast, everything you need you can find here, consulting Levapan’s catalog of bakery and pastry ingredients. As for yeast, we recommend the favorite of pastry chefs; Our fresh yeast which gives a volume, fluffiness and a characteristic flavor the preparation of bread.

According to the latest study conducted in Colombia by the market research firm Kantar, 98% of the Colombian families buy bread every 13 days a month. According to this study, 65% of Colombians buy industrialized bread in minimarkets, followed by 22% in neighborhood stores. In addition, a special interest is shown in the purchase of this product on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

What are the different types of breads?

In the world there are more than 300 kinds of bread and each with different characteristics, flavors, ingredients and qualities. In fact, if we talk only about Colombia, each department has a representative bread, that is, 32 different types of breads, but what are the breads preferred by Colombians?

The best-selling breads in Colombia

According to the Kantar study, the most consumed bread in Colombia is the soft or better known as Colombian seasoned bread, with a preference index of 40%, the second most consumed type of bread is dry bread with a preference of 22%. Within this category is; sliced bread, baguette and whipped bread. From there, the different kinds of bread and their favoritism are evidenced according to each region of the country.

Orinoquía Region: Rice bread is the gastronomic heritage of the Eastern Plains, loaded with more than 200 years of history, as it served as a provision for long journeys on horseback through the savannahs. The traditional recipe for this bread is made from rice flour, curd and other ingredients.

Nariño bread: The pambazo stands out, ideal for day laborers and made with wheat, panela and lard.

Caribbean Coast: Coconut bread is a fusion of the sweet taste of coconut with the saltiness of the bread recipe (its dough), which is traditionally consumed at breakfast, snack or dessert. This sweet bread is related to the coast because it is linked to the sea where there is the coconut tree, the palm tree that gives this fruit.

It is demonstrated that Colombia has an immense gastronomic variety just talking about bread and its different kinds throughout the country, in addition to having other preparations based on flour, which also accompany breakfasts and snacks, such as the traditional masses.

What is a jumble?

They are those preparations kneaded by hand, made with a compact dough composed of corn flour or starch, butter, egg, salt, cheese or curd and that are taken to the oven, fried or roasted, according to the type of dough desired.

What are the Colombian masses?

Like bread, in each part of the country you can find a different jumble, characterized by its flavor, texture, aroma and color. The most typical are: the Pandebono of Valle del Cauca, the Almojábana originally from Boyacá, the legendary Achira of Huila, and native masses that are consumed throughout the national territory such as the fritter, the mantecadas, the garullas, among others.

In conclusion, you can decide which type of dough or bread will be most successful in your bakery, according to the preferences of the region in which you are located.