Supplier Statement Electronic Invoicing

Dear supplier, to deliver your electronic invoices to NATIONAL YEAST COMPANY LEVAPAN NIT 860000261-6, take into account the following information: The only mail enabled for the receipt of electronic invoices is Invoices that are not filed to this mailbox will be understood as “not received” and for this reason, they will not be processed. […]

Fresh yeast or instant dry yeast? What should I use in my bakery?

Let’s start by understanding what yeast is. Yeast is a fungus that produces enzymes to convert sugars into alcoholic fermentations is able to convert sugar or carbohydrates, into important substances and nutrients for the body. The yeast acts on the doughs increasing their volume and giving them flavor and sponginess. Biological yeast is a unicellular […]

Types of Colombian breads.

Bread is a staple food that is a fundamental part of the family basket of all Colombians due to its versatility, accessibility and tradition. Its preparation is based on a dough made with wheat or corn flour, cereals, water and an addition of yeast, everything you need you can find here, consulting Levapan's catalog of [...]