Soomi Shoops: an ally of virtual restaurants.

Soomi Shoops: an ally of virtual restaurants.

By: Laura Alejandra Castro – Digital Communication Levapan.

Soomi is a digital platform that allows any business to create a virtual store and market their products online. This e-commerce platform has as its main objective that new entrepreneurs, micro, small and medium enterprises complement their business models by entering the digital world, thus expanding their market, purchase channels and contact. Soomi offers multiple benefits; among them, the possibility of positioning the brand; Have personalized advice and constant accompaniment.

Soomi can be used by any business and the gastronomic sector is no exception. This e-commerce platform allows virtual restaurants to:

  • Expand your sales without commissions.
  • Offer products without limit
  • Sell from anywhere, through Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.
  • Customizable design, adapted to the gastronomic sector.
  • Different means of payment.

Being part of
is very simple and it is enough to have an email account to start with the process. The first step is to register on the platform and enter with the registered user and the assigned key. Subsequently, the user can customize their virtual store including name, logo, products, promotions, prices, shipping costs, among others.

Additionally Levapan Colombia in association with We are Voodoo will be granting one hundred bonuses of one million pesos each, to subsidize the online store of Levapan Colombia customers, this in order to support the growth of the company in the electronic platform and contribute to the reactivation of the gastronomic sector.

To apply for micro, small or medium enterprises, the entrepreneur must be willing to implement home deliveries and have a current email with which the membership of the online store will be activated, in case of being a beneficiary.

All information is just a click


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