Alliance of two greats: Levapan and JGB, a combination full of tradition.

Alliance of two greats: Levapan and JGB, a combination full of tradition.

By: Laura Castro – Digital Communication


, a multi-Latin company of Colombian origin with 68 years in the market, has partnered with JGB,® a company whose trajectory exceeds 90 years. These two great companies that have accompanied Colombian homes for a long time have come together, in order to continue bringing well-being and health to all families in the country.

The Levapan family continues to grow, these are the new members:

  • Red Jar: A dietary supplement high in vitamins and minerals, with a unique JGB formula and endorsed by the Colombian Medical Federation.
  • Antiseptic Alcohol: Product for external use with three different presentations. Each 100 ml of hydroalcoholic solution contains 73.7 ml of 96% impatobilized ethyl alcohol.
  • Antiseptic cotton: JGB cotton is 100% natural, softer, whiter and absorbent; Ideal for wound care, injectology, first aid, easy cleaning, personal hygiene and nail care.
  • Toothpaste: Product for cleaning the mouth with four different presentations. Ideal for deeper cleaning, extended freshness, healthy whiteness, anticaries and bacterial protection.
  • Toothbrushes: Products for cleaning the mouth endorsed by the Colombian Dental College, available for children and adults. JGB brushes feature softer bristles, ergonomic handle and tongue cleaner in textured rubber; which allows to achieve a deeper cleaning and avoid bacterial plaque.


At Levapan we care about the health and well-being of Colombians, that’s why we partner with the best!

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