Sauces from the countryside The queen of all sauces!

Sauces from the countryside The queen of all sauces!

Seven flavors for different preparations at the right price

By: Laura Alejandra Castro Herrera-Comunicaciones Levapan

The market of Institutional sauces in Colombia is segmented into three varieties, which are developed thinking about the different demands of all gastronomic businesses: Premium Segment, medium and low disbursement. Salsas Del Campo, is a brand that has accompanied the palate of Colombians for five years and participates with a portfolio of Seven delicious flavors in the low-cost market.

Salsas del Campo has changed its formulation and packaging; However, it still maintains the quality and excellence in quality standards that your business needs. This change was made so that the brand can align with the sensory characteristics of the products of the low-cost segment and continue to meet their needs; That’s why now:

  • The packaging has a more renewed design with attractive colors and a transparent window at the bottom which allows you to easily identify the flavor of the packaged product.
  • The new formulation is found in all seven flavors, thus achieving ideal sauces to accompany any fast food.
  • The bag comes with a valve to facilitate the practicality and dosage of the sauce.

New look, improved taste

The new look is available in seven delicious flavors: Tomato, pineapple, mayonnaise, mustard, pink, tartar and BBQ. Ideal to accompany any of your preparations, especially fast food! Additionally, each flavor is available in two presentations: 1Kg and 3.8Kg.

To accompany your preparations and obtain a quality result: Salsas del Campo will always be the best option!

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