New ready dishes San Jorge, homemade, practical and delicious

New ready dishes San Jorge, homemade, practical and delicious

“San Jorge brings you the new dishes ready, with the flavor of home, balanced, delicious, that you only have to heat, saving time and solving your daily meals with practical packaging that takes care of the environment”

By: María José Alzate P – Comunicaciones Levapan,

We know the stress generated by thinking, what dish am I going to prepare? And more when you have hundreds of things to do, and very little time; But, at the same time you are looking for a healthy option. A more homemade option, easy to prepare, practical and that takes you a short time.

Because we know your needs, San Jorge now brings its new line of ready-to-eat dishes, with authentic homemade flavors, and natural ingredients that you can enjoy in just three simple steps:

  • Uncovers
  • Warms up
  • Ready!

This new line of San Jorge comes in three delicious flavors: Antioquia beans with bacon, legume salad, and lentils with sausage and potato. As if prepared at home, these ready dishes have natural, fresh ingredients and perfect to consume anywhere.

They are available from May 15, in presentations for one or two people in practical recyclable packaging, you can find it in Super markets, stores, large chains, and authorized points of sale of San Jorge throughout the country.

Less time in the kitchen, more time for you!
Try the ready dishes of San Jorge, uncover, heat Ready!

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