May Dressing 0% cholesterol: Healthy and delicious!

May Dressing 0% cholesterol: Healthy and delicious!

With a great journey, of more than fifty years being part of Colombian families, San Jorge is one of the favorite brands in the market, and why is this? Its unparalleled quality, flavor and a large portfolio of products to offer the consumer.

But as if this were not enough, as of April 15, 2021, the San Jorge Mayonnaise line brings its new product: May Dressing 0% cholesterol, without losing its incomparable flavor, and smooth, creamy consistency.

We know that there is currently a tendency in consumers to look for products with functional benefits and added value that allows them to have a balanced diet, so May 0% cholesterol is the perfect ally for all those looking for products that have lower fat and cholesterol content, but do not lose their flavor and the characteristics they already know in Mayonnaise.

What makes Mayo Zero Cholesterol special?

San Jorge makes an innovation of May Dressing 0% cholesterol that does not contain egg, Having no egg or animal products, help to take care of health in a delicious and pleasant way in its different uses and preparations.

With the same consistency, the delicious and much healthier flavor is ideal to accompany salads and all kinds of meals and preparations, it also serves as a base to prepare other sauces.

Where can you get May zero cholesterol?

This Levapan product is available in stores, mini markets, supermarkets and large chains. It can be obtained in the presentations I give pack of 200g, 380g and 600g.


The delicious taste of mayonnaise, creamy and smooth without cholesterol.

It’s what the healthy consumer is looking for!

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