At Levapan we build dreams

At Levapan we build dreams

Levapan has been dedicated to the production and commercialization of products and ingredients for the food, animal nutrition and agricultural industries for more than 70 years. However, our mission as a national company is not only to feed the world, but to build country. To carry out actions that cause a positive impact and allow us to grow as a society.

For this reason, in view of the difficulties the planet is experiencing with Covid-19, we have developed several national and local campaigns with different purposes, among them supplying the communities most affected by the pandemic and providing social, economic and in-kind support to our various audiences.

We have already delivered 55,000 bakery products and more than $25 million pesos in donations in Barranquilla, Pereira, Bucaramanga and Bogotá, through the Food Bank.
We also participated in the “Bogota Solidaria” donation drive, delivering more than $16 million in kind to the Mayor’s Office, among other benefits.

With the Mayor’s Office of Rionegro we supported the “Just and Solidarity” campaign where we delivered more than $10 million pesos in products.. And we have delivered more than 25,000 protection kits to bakers and industry personnel. While with the

Levapan Foundation

, in alliance with the Mayor’s Office of Tuluá, four days of product deliveries have been made to homes for the elderly and centers for young people with disabilities. All this in order to contribute to food security in the country, as we affirmed for the La Barra Magazine.

In addition to the donations, we are providing tools and advice that allow bakers and restaurateurs to build new production lines, develop innovative practices and obtain valuable information for the development of their businesses.. We are also providing support for establishments to improve their biosafety protocols, adopt new sales channels and digitalize in order to obtain greater brand recognition among consumers and increase their sales, since this year consumer trends have changed and the sales model has changed to one in which contact with the customer is minimal.

Thus, at Levapan, we have been preparing and training in management, in order to think of a post-covid agenda that can strengthen and move forward all our stakeholders.

In addition to these actions, we have developed other projects such as the program “.We make bread, we make peace” with which we seek to provide an opportunity to more than 600 victims of the armed conflict, training them in the production of bakery, pastry and confectionery products, and in the gastronomy, as well as in good manufacturing practices and business creation.

Currently, we are part of the ‘Let’s do what our heart tells us: let’s support what is ours.“We have joined forces with around 100 other companies of Colombian origin to promote the message of inviting Colombians to support what is ours, as a way of advancing the country’s recovery in times of crisis such as the one we are experiencing with the pandemic.

This is how we know our social responsibility and we feel committed and proud of being able to generate a positive impact in the different communities where we are, and with our customers. It is our way of doing our bit and repaying them for letting us act in their environment.

If you want to learn more about the work we have been doing in social responsibility, click on the following link:

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