Recognition from the Mayor’s Office of Tuluá to Levapan.

Recognition from the Mayor’s Office of Tuluá to Levapan.

Publicado: 15 March, 2023

The company earns this recognition for its support of the community, management of the Foundation, and the smooth operation of the plant during this pandemic.

Written by: Sofía Guerra Patiño – Levapan Communications


2020 was a year of great changes caused by COVID19, where people had to face several difficulties and adapt. Because of this, the LevapanGroupfocused on finding a solution to help mitigate the consequences of the pandemic, carrying out several actions to benefit the community of Tuluá:

  • Conducted product delivery days for homes for the elderly and centers for young people with disabilities
  • Biomedical equipment and biosecurity elements were delivered to the Tomás Uribe Uribe Hospital to be used in the process of caring for patients diagnosed with COVID-19 who have been referred to the ICU of this institution.
  • Maintained safe operation of the plants, caring for and protecting the welfare of each employee.
  • The Levapan Foundation continued its efforts on behalf of the children of Tuluá and the positive impact through its community projects.

Thanks to these actions, the Mayor’s Office of Tuluá recognizes Levapan for its great social and economic contributions for the benefit of the people of Tuluá.

Levapan is committed to the community!

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