Margarine Vitina® Professional box of 15 kg

Margarine designed to achieve a balance between flavor, aroma, softness and creaminess, which leaves appetizing products with homogeneous crumbs.

It is ideal for pastry products (cakes, muffins, cupcakes) as it allows a very good incorporation of air and homogeneous crumb.

Features & Benefits

  • Kosher certification.
  • Gluten free.


  • Keep in a cool, dry place free of contaminant odors.
  • Store at a maximum temperature of 25°C
  • Stow the product and stack maximum 4 boxes.
  • Avoid the incidence of direct sunlight.

Shelf life

6 months.


In biodegradable blue polyethylene bag in 15 kg box


Height: 230 mm

Width: 236 mm

Length: 326 mm

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