We are committed to the environment

We are committed to the environment

Our production plant in Colombia, Panamericana de Alimentos – Panal, has been recognized for its commitment to the environment and leadership as a sustainable company.

This award, called Líder Progresa and granted by the Corporación Autónoma Regional de las Cuencas de los Ríos Negro y Nare – Cornare, recognizes companies that have plans for the rational use of resources such as water and energy, as well as the reduction of emissions, waste management and the relationship with the community (people) from the point of view of social responsibility and sustainability.

The goal now is to become a Great Leader Progresses and for this we have arguments such as the relationship with the community for the care of resources that we are carrying out through programs such as BanCO2, our culture of resource optimization, the use of environmentally friendly raw materials, the use of clean energy and the investments we are making such as the third stage of the industrial water treatment plant.

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