Training inmates at El Buen Pastor Prison

Training inmates at El Buen Pastor Prison

Publicado: 15 March, 2023

Training inmates at El Buen Pastor Prison

We make bread, we make peace in 2019 continues to impact and generate opportunities for those who need it most.

This year we seek to reach more people with our training and for this reason we have made an alliance with the Fundación Acción Interna de Johana Bahamón, which aims to generate second opportunities for the prison and post-penitentiary population.

For a week, 10 women prisoners learned new techniques for baking bread, as well as recipes for cakes, cookies, chocolates, decorations and desserts, with which they will be able to expand their business in the future.

As a business group, we continue to sow seeds that contribute to the construction of peace and reconciliation in Colombia. Currently, our Corporate Social Responsibility program has trained more than 700 people in Colombia…


***6,000 loaves of bread are baked daily at the Good Shepherd Prison.

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