Expert Baker by Levapan

Expert Baker by Levapan


This regulation contains the parameters of participation, restrictions, terms and conditions of THE ACTIVITY called “Expert Baker” (Hereinafter “THE ACTIVITY”), which will be binding and opposable to all those people who participate in THE ACTIVITY, who voluntarily and through their participation declare to understand and accept the terms and conditions as well as the procedures and systems established by THE NATIONAL YEAST COMPANY LEVAPAN S.A. NIT: 860.000.261-6, henceforth “Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine” for participation in THE ACTIVITY. Failure to comply with what is set forth herein, of the rules or systems built by Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine in THE ACTIVITY, will be excluded from participating in THE ACTIVITY and you will not receive any incentive / compensation.


THE ACTIVITY is organized by Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine, whose corporate purpose is the manufacture and marketing of food products and ingredients for the food industry for human consumption and animal and agricultural nutrition.
The purpose of THE ACTIVITY is to celebrate the national baker’s day in Colombia, through a contest convened by social networks and communication material.


THE ACTIVITY is carried out under Law 1480 of 2011 and other regulatory and complementary rules since the purpose of this is to promote Levapan products. Consequently and taking into account that the development and selection of the winner of THE ACTIVITY will not be through raffles, raffles or games of chance, the regulations on the rentistic monopoly of games of luck and chance established in Law 643 of 2001 will not apply.

PARTICIPANTS: They must meet the following conditions:

  1. Natural person owners or collaborators of a bakery.
  2. They must be over 18 years old.
  3. Reside in Colombia.
  4. People with a foreign ID residing in Colombia may participate.
  5. The participant must have a public profile to be able to mention him as a winner in case of being selected.
  6. They may not involve brands other than those established herein.
  7. Content with violent, religious, political content, or that violates in any way the legal system, will not be able to participate.
  8. Employees/collaborators of the Levapan Group may not participate.
  9. THE ACTIVITY will have no cost to the Participant.
  10. They can participate 1 time per person.
  11. STIMULI cannot be exchanged for money.


From the start date of THE ACTIVITY, which will begin on July 16, 2022, Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine will do the following:


1. Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine will publish through their official social networks Instagram, Facebook the notice at the beginning of the activity.

2. Participants must innovate a bread recipe and make it that includes at least fresh yeast of the Levapan brand. In turn, Participants may add other ingredients of the Levapan brands and / or the Sicao brand of BARRY CALLEBAUT MÉXICO DISTRIBUTORS, S.A. DE C.V., or how much this will have an added value for the selection of the winner.

3. Participants must keep the purchase invoice of the ingredients with which they made the product, since later, it will be requested to continue with their participation.

4. The Participant must publish on their social networks a single photo containing two samples of breads product of the innovative recipe, one of them whole and another with a cut where the characteristics of the bread are appreciated. Example:


5. The Participant, through their social networks of Facebook or Instagram, must publish the photograph described in the previous numeral, adding to its publication the following:

    • You must place in the comment of the publication: City, name of the bakery, name of your recipe, list of ingredients used and name of the Levapan advisor who attends you.
    • Mention the Hashtags: #SiesConLevapanLoQuiero, #ExpertoPanadero and #DiaDelPanadero.
    • You must tag @revistapancaliente and @Levapan.S.A in this way your published photo will reach our accounts to enter the contest.
    • Finally, you should follow our official accounts of the magazine pan caliente and Levapan S.A on Facebook or Instagram.
    • Keep in mind that the elaboration of this product can not take more than 4 hours.

6. The first 100 bakers who upload the photograph will be selected in compliance with the aforementioned requirements.

7. We will communicate the 100 participants through the official profiles of the social networks of Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine.

8. Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine will deliver to the 100 participants or bakers a gift kit that includes: tula, apron, cap and letter of thanks and will be delivered via certified courier services.

9. Of the 100 participating bakers, Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine will review each photograph and from there select 8 semifinalists. The selection criteria for the semi-finalists will be as follows:

    • Compliance in the use of fresh Levapan yeast.
    • Use and addition of the largest number of ingredients of the Levapan and/or Sicao brand.
    • Creativity in the proposal.
    • Identification in the publication of the bread where it is mentioned that it was made with Levapan brand ingredients.
    • That you have fully complied with these terms.

10. Once the 8 semi-finalists are selected, they must refer to Levapan and/or Pan Caliente Magazine All the ingredients with the recipe, including the invoice where the products of the portfolio are evidenced Levapan and/or Sicao used, no later than the next working day, by the channels enabled by Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine.

11. The semifinalists will be transferred to the city of Bogotá D.C. from their city of origin. Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine will be responsible for the expenses corresponding to food, hotel (3 days and 2 nights) and transportation to and from their city of origin.

If any of the 8 semifinalists live in Bogotá D.C., they will be transferred to the hotel assigned by Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine.

The activities in the city of Bogotá will be the following:

to. The first day there will be a tour to the 8 semifinalists to different Gourmet bakeries in the city of Bogotá D.C and then a special dinner.
b. On the second day the competition will be held in a recording studio intended for this purpose and the 8 semifinalists must do the following:

  • They must make their version of the product published in the photo and with which they participated. Take into account the use of fresh yeast of the Levapan brand and / or the Sicao brand.
  • They will explain the preparation at the head of each jury.
  • The jury that is later identified, will deliberate and choose the “Expert Baker by Levapan”
  • Third day: Breakfast and departure to destination city


3 winners will be selected, who will be entitled to the following incentives:

  • First place: Sodexo bonds worth four million Colombian pesos (COP$4,000,000)
  • Second place: Sodexo bonds worth two million Colombian pesos (COP$2,000,000)
  • Third place: Sodexo bonds worth one million Colombian pesos (COP$1,000,000)

The jury will be made up of the following members:

  • Juan Manuel Martinez, @juanmapan, founding partner Artesa bakery.
  • Victor Araque, @pastelerovictoraraque, Sicao brand ambassador.
  • Abelardo Millan, Senior Technician Levapan.

Once the established dates have expired and if there is no response to the requests for additional information from Levapan and Revista Pan Caliente, Levapan and Revista Pan Caliente will be entitled to select another winner from the list made up of the alternates.

We will communicate and deliver the Sodexo bonuses to the 3 winners in person at the closing dinner of the “Expert Baker by Levapan” contest.


  • Any deceptive or fraudulent action of The Participant.
  • Failure to comply with any provision set forth herein.
  • Use any form of fraud, technological or manual to take advantage in the development of this activity.


For inquiries, claims or more information, you must enter or contact the customer service line of Levapan to 601 307 8265 in the city of Bogotá D.C., national toll-free 01 8000 930 096, to Whatsapp 300 848 9219 or by sending an email to the mail


Contest start date: July 16, 2022.
Deadline to participate: August 6, 2022.
Date of selection and publication of the 100 bakers: 17 August 2022.
Date of selection and publication of the 08 semifinalists: 5 September 2022.
Date of transfer to the city of Bogotá D.C. of the 08 semifinalists: September 28, 2022.
Competition date: September 29, 2022.

Levapan may declare this ACTIVITY void if none of the participants complies with the terms and conditions established herein within the dates described.


Any identification of fraud, crime, violation of rule / law, provision or irregularities that go against ethics and morals, or those events that are classified as force majeure or fortuitous event, Levapan , is authorized to immediately suspend THE ACTIVITY, without assuming any responsibility.

With participation, the Participants expressly authorize the use, publication and reproduction, without limitation or restriction, of their name, city and photograph in any type of advertising, promotion, publication, through any means, for commercial or informative purposes by Levapan. The Participants and/or Winners will not have the right to receive any consideration for the facts described in this paragraph.

may make modifications to this document without prior authorization, which will be published on page and

All information related to THE ACTIVITY will be provided in Spanish.

Any damage or harm caused by the stimuli, Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine will not be responsible by virtue of the fact that The Winners act at their own risk.

The responsibility of Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine culminates with the delivery of the STIMULUS.

The people who acquire the STIMULI, relieve of all responsibility to Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine of any damage, on people or things, that could be caused by reason of the manipulation and / or inappropriate consumption of promotional elements, STIMULI and in general, Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine will not be liable for any damage or harm suffered, directly or indirectly and in connection with the performance of this promotional activity or with the STIMULI offered within it.

By participating, you expressly authorize Levapan and Revista Pan Caliente, to process your personal data in order to contact you to send the necessary information to meet your request or query, as well as to contact you in future opportunities in order to establish a commercial relationship. You can consult your rights and other purposes in our policy published in and

The participant guarantees that all intellectual contributions, graphics, images, trademarks, logos, banners, slogans, distinctive signs, utility models, industrial designs, new creations, as well as any other element that is protected by intellectual property or industrial property rules (hereinafter the “Intellectual Property”) delivered to Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine are of its authorship or ownership and it undertakes to assign all the rights of the Intellectual Property in favor of Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine, without consideration for the authors other than that which constitutes the prizes of the contest for the winners. The assignment referred to in this document shall be understood as the maximum term permitted by law, which shall not be less than fifty (50) years from its creation, and shall have a territory equal to all countries in the world.

In view of the above, Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine shall be fully empowered to perform, among others, the following acts in relation to Intellectual Property: production, reproduction, publication, sale, rental, editing, modification, transformation, arrangement, adaptation, fixation, translation, distribution, use, dissemination, exploitation, marketing; inclusion in other works, inventions, distinctive signs or formats; synchronisation, transmission, retransmission, broadcasting, digital storage, making available, transfer, public performance and communication to the public; by any physical or digital means or procedure, known or to be known.

The participant or the winner will provide all the necessary collaboration so that Levapan and Revista Pan Caliente can carry out both the registrations and the corresponding exploitations, either in their own head, of their affiliates, or in the head of the third parties designated by Levapan and Revista Pan Caliente and / or its affiliates. In the event that the registration authority requires a separate and express document of assignment of rights or a special format, the Participant or the Winner undertakes to provide it free of charge.

The Entrant or the Winner shall be responsible for the payment and indemnification of any claims, liabilities, costs and other expenses that are necessary in the event that a third party submits any claim for the use, publication or commercialization of the Intellectual Property by Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine, or a third party authorised by the latter.

The Entrant or Winner acknowledges that Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine retain all rights in their Intellectual Property existing prior to acceptance hereof, and nothing herein shall be deemed to be a transfer or license to use any of the Intellectual Property rights in favor of The Entrant or Winner.

Levapan and Revista Pan Caliente shall be entitled to enter into assignment or license agreements with whomever they deem so, with respect to the rights acquired under this Agreement, without limitation. Levapan and Pan Caliente Magazine and its licensees or assigns shall always have the right to decide, at their discretion, the manner and time in which they will exercise the rights they acquire herein, including the manner and time in which they will initiate, suspend or restart the exploitation of the Intellectual Property, or the time in which they will carry out or not their corresponding registration with the administrative authorities.

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