Terms and Conditions Gel’hada® GelhaSorpresa® Gelatin Jelly

Terms and Conditions Gel’hada® GelhaSorpresa® Gelatin Jelly

Publicado: 15 March, 2023



These regulations contain the parameters of participation, as well as the exclusions, restrictions, terms and conditions of the promotional activity called “GelhaSorpresa”, which will be binding and opposable to all those who participate in the promotion, who by their participation in the same, declare to understand and accept the terms and conditions as well as the procedures and systems established by Compañía Nacional de Levaduras Levapan S.A. for the participation in the promotion. Participation in the promotion will bind participants to the terms and conditions, and therefore non-compliance will result in exclusion from the promotion or revocation of prizes.


The promotion is organized by COMPAÑÍA NACIONAL DE LEVADURAS LEVAPAN S.A, with NIT 860.000.261-6 whose corporate purpose is the manufacture and commercialization of food products and ingredients for the food industry for human consumption and animal and agricultural nutrition.

The purpose of the promotion is to boost sales of Gelatina Gel’hada throughout the country.

The promotion will be disseminated through the website, packaging and advertising material such as sparklers, banners, price posters, among others.


The promotion is open to natural persons residing in Colombia, of legal age, who purchase the promotion called “GelhaSorpresa” which consists of a pre-pack of 4 Gel’hada gelatins of 40 grams Free GelhaSorpresa Ball (promotional element).


Participants who purchase the pre-pack of 4 Gel ‘hada jellies will find a free promotional item consisting of a mold (Baloncito), inside each Baloncito contains 11 armatodo tokens and a warning paper with the legal text.

There are 6 different combinations (ball and cover) to collect.


To participate in the promotional activity, participants must purchase a pre-pack of 4 Gel ‘hada x 40g gelatins marked with the promotional sticker and will receive a FREE promotional item “GelhaSorpesa”.


The promotional item “GelhaSorpesa” consists of a mold (Baloncito) with a 100% non-toxic High Polyethylene lid (287,904 units). There are 6 different combinations (ball and lid) to collect GelhaSorpresa, inside each ball contains 11 tokens armatodo in High Polyethylene 100% atoxic (287.904 units) and in ABS 100% atoxic (172.200 units).

This product has been manufactured with food safe materials, it is recommended to wash the product before its first use. To ensure greater durability of the product, it should not be washed with abrasive sponges or strong detergents, check the cleanliness of the corners of the lid and the ball to avoid accumulation of residues. Not suitable for use in microwave ovens, avoid direct contact with high temperatures such as ovens or flames, this product can be refrigerated.

This incentive and its packaging is NOT SUITABLE for children under three (3) years of age, the elements could be ingested or inhaled. Contains small parts.

WARNING: Use under the supervision of an adult, DANGER OF ASPHIXIA, keep the package out of the reach of children. Keep this product away from fire. NOT CHEWABLE, NOT EDIBLE. This product may cause harm if not used with caution. Each ball comes with a warning paper (6x8cm) with the legal text and 5 examples of some figures that can be assembled. Open, imagine and build!


The “GelhaSorpresa” promotion will begin on July first (01), two thousand and twenty (2020) and runs until July thirty-first (31), two thousand and twenty (2020) or while supplies last.


The promotion can be found in Supermarkets and/or mini-markets, large chains, in the following cities:

  • Bogotá
  • Neiva
  • Villavicencio
  • Barranquilla
  • Cali
  • Bucaramanga
  • Tunja
  • Pereira
  • Medellín

And in any other Gelatin Gel ‘fairy’ point of sale nationwide.


Four hundred and sixty thousand six hundred and eight (460,608) units of the “GelhaSorpresa” will be distributed nationwide in the cities mentioned in the previous point or until stocks last.


For questions, complaints or further information, please visit www.levapan.com or contact Levapan S.A.’s customer service line at 419 49 49 Ext 4254 or the exclusive national service line 01800930096 or send an e-mail to servicioalcliente@levapan.com.


The participation of the interested parties, as well as the activity and the prizes, are subject to the conditions and restrictions indicated in these regulations.

The responsibility of COMPAÑÍA NACIONAL DE LEVADURAS LEVAPAN S.A. culminates with the delivery of the prize.

The persons who purchase the products with the promotional elements, release the organizers from all responsibility for any damage, on persons or things, that could be caused by reason of the inappropriate handling and/or consumption of the promotional elements, and in general, Levapan S. A. will not be responsible for any damage or harm suffered, directly or indirectly and in connection with the realization of this promotional activity or with the prizes offered within it.

Exchanges for money, securities or any other material product are not admitted.


In case of force majeure, acts of God, or acts of third parties, such as natural disasters, wars, strikes or riots, as well as situations that affect the activity; or in case of detection of fraud or attempted fraud to the detriment of the organizers or participants of the activity, COMPAÑÍA NACIONAL DE LEVADURAS LEVAPAN S.A., may modify all or part of this activity, as well as suspend it temporarily or permanently without assuming any responsibility in this regard. In these cases, the basis of the measures adopted, as well as the evidence that proves the existence of the cause invoked by the Organizers shall be available to any interested party.


These rules and regulations will be published on the website www.levapan.com so that they can be consulted by all participants who wish to do so.

It is understood that once the participants initiate the mechanics of the activity it is because they have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of the activity.

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