San Jorge® Soy Sauce glass container per 90 ml

Meat sauce is a soy protein base with a delicious touch of essences and seasonings. Soy is a sauce-type condiment, based on soy protein and cereals with a delicious roasted touch. They are ideal to accompany oriental meals and to season cold vegetables, rice, breaded and soups.


San Jorge® soy sauce is ideal to accompany both Eastern and Western meals, whether fried vegetables, rice, breaded, as well as soups, and even a few drops added to salad dressings This sauce can be used with red or white meats, since its flavor is ideal for marinating or frying them.


Store the product in a clean, cool, dry place.

Shelf life

12 months.


Glass container per 90 ml


Length: 43 mm

Width: 43 mm

Height: 150 mm

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