Light Gelatin Raspberry Flavor Gel’hada® box of 12g


Ideal to give consistency to desserts and enjoy a healthy dessert

Features & Benefits

  • Light gelatins contain no sugar and are sweetened with sucralose, a sweetener that does not provide calories.
  • Low calorie (10 calories per serving) Serves 5
  • Contains collagen that promotes the functioning of the body
  • It is endorsed by the Colombian Association of Diabetes (Suitable for diabetics)


  • The product should be stored in clean and dry places, free of physical or chemical contaminants, at room temperature.
  • It is recommended once opened to keep it away from high temperatures and close it tightly after each use.

Shelf life
12 months.

Box of 12 g

Height: 89 mm
Width: 28 mm
Length: 95 mm

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