Gelatin Gel ́hada® Strawberry 826g

Dessert obtained by the mixture of pure gelatin, sugar, acidulating agents, stabilizers, artificial colors and flavors. It has color, aroma and characteristic flavor.

Features & Benefits

  • It works as a thickener and stabilizer.
  • It is an easily digestible product.
  • It does not contain cholesterol.


  • Store clean, cool, and dry at room temperature, free of physical or chemical contaminants.
  • Close the package tightly after each use.

Shelf life

12 months.


Printed laminated bag x 826 gr


Corrugated cardboard box for 24 Units.

Important: If you add any of the following fruits: pineapple, kiwi or papaya, it is recommended to cook them before adding them, otherwise the dessert will not gel properly

Consumption intentions

General Public (Child and adult Bakery, Hotel and Catering Sector); consideration for people with diabetes due to the high glycemic index of sugar, people sensitive to sulfites (asthmatics) and people sensitive to Tartrazine (asthmatic and allergic to aspirin).

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