The first high school graduation from Colegio Guillermo Ponce de León

The first high school graduation from Colegio Guillermo Ponce de León

Published: August 3, 2022

By: Laura Alejandra Castro Herrera-Levapan Communications

Levapan has always had a great commitment to the country, which is why Guillermo Ponce de León, the company's founder, created a school in 1959 to provide the children of the employees of the Tuluá plant with a high-quality education. Thus, giving a message about its importance for the sustainable development of the municipality and the country, as well as the relevance of the private company's commitment to social issues.

Growth of the Guillermo Ponce de León School

Since its foundation, it has grown little by little, initially there were 35 students and by 2013, Colegio GPL found it necessary to move its facilities located in the Levapan Tuluá plant to a larger space. From this moment on, the curriculum was extended to high school, thus meeting the needs of the community and the country.

The Guillermo Ponce de León School aims to positively impact the environment, emphasizing the importance of the development of bilingualism, critical and humanistic thinking. The mission of the school goes beyond good grades, as it focuses on providing a Integral education, forming caring, responsible and creative students who develop their intellectual and human capacities.

The main objective is to graduate the best bilingual high school graduates in the region, which is why today, Friday, December 3, the first high school graduation from the College: Prom 2021 pioneers.

In the event, various merits were awarded to students who, during their academic process, stood out in different areas. The recognitions were made to: Student with the best score in the saber tests, best bachelor, student Guillermo Ponce de León, outstanding students in the sports area, students recognized for their artistic career and best students in the area of English. In addition, the Valle del Cauca Central Unit (UCEVA) awarded a scholarship to the student Sofía Castillo Murillo, distinguished for her academic performance, in order to contribute to the development of her higher education studies.

This event represents a milestone both at an institutional and municipal level, it is a success for the entire community of Tulu. The graduation of these 21 high school graduates contributes to the development of the municipality and the country, thus generating opportunities for a better future.

At Levapan we believe that education is the way to build a future of opportunities and a better country.

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