Responsabilidad Social

Social Responsibility

An opportunity for a new beginning

Through our social responsibility we seek to identify and work with stakeholders, building and maintaining relationships of trust and respect with each of them. Improve the Group's competitiveness through management practices based on innovation, equal opportunities, productivity, profitability and sustainability. We challenge ourselves to develop CSR programs that create opportunities for communities and support a culture of reconciliation, respect and trust towards the company. Participate and contribute effectively in improving the quality of life of our employees, community, suppliers, customers, contractors and authorities. Build firm links with the communities where the Group carries out its activity and, in this way, generate trust and a sense of belonging.

We make bread, we make peace

Within the framework of the social responsibility strategy and its vision, Levapan launches a program that seeks to contribute to the construction of peace in Colombia, supporting the victims of the armed conflict, contributing to the generation of opportunities, the improvement of income and the culture of an equitable, inclusive and reconciled country. This program trains actors in the armed conflict in basic baking, including soldiers in prison and soldiers wounded in combat, in alliance with ANDI, ARN and the Ministry of Defense. It has 1,300 trained people.


We contribute to the reduction of wasted food, and with nutrition for the most vulnerable population, through ABACO (Association of Food Banks of Colombia), in which, according to the results of the annual sustainable waste management report from January to December, we managed to stand out for our participation with 32,572 kilos of food donated to 6 cities in Colombia. The objective of this initiative is to reduce losses and waste through food recycling and subsequent donation, allowing us to reduce waste generation, storage and destruction costs, and with it, the reduction of CO2 emissions, as well as promoting development. community. The main motto of our partner in social responsibility is "No product expires and nothing is destroyed" and this is how Grupo Levapan has contributed to this project, benefiting more than 2,525 people in 2019.