The taste and quality of always, now in giant size!

The taste and quality of always, now in giant size!

By: Laura Alejandra Castro Herrera-Comunicaciones Levapan

Gel’hada®, the brand of the favorite gelatin of all Colombians continues to provide the best to all consumers, now nutrition and quality arrive in giant size. With this new presentation your customers will be able to save and bring the fun in a big way, because the content is 240g and performs up to 30 servings.

Giant Gel’hada®

gelatin has more content and is more yielding, so it is ideal product for you to offer greater economy to those customers who buy more frequently or make a greater volume of gelatin purchase, higher than the regular one.

This size is perfect to accompany children’s parties, your customers’ businesses or even for family consumption at home. This presentation will be available in two of the best-selling flavors on the market,






Do not wait any longer to offer all your customers the traditional taste of
gelatin but with higher yield and savings!

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