The quality of Gel’hada®, now in a new flavor!

The quality of Gel’hada®, now in a new flavor!

By: Laura Alejandra Castro Herrera-Comunicaciones Levapan

stands out for offering jellies full of variety, nutrition and fun. This time came the flavor that you were waiting for so much for your business,
brings the new flavor of
Chewing Gum
for all your customers!

Currently, consumers show a high interest in trying flavors beyond the traditional, which is why the gelatin Gel’hada® flavored with Chicle It is the ideal product for you to offer your customers a new experience in flavor, without neglecting the tradition and quality that characterizes the brand.

Gel’hada® gum flavor gelatin

is an innovative, sweet and delicious product. The color of this jelly is pleasing to the eye and arouses curiosity, so it is ideal for regular consumption by children and is an excellent option for children’s parties.


This new flavor is limited edition, add it to your showcase and offer your customers an amazing experience!

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