San Jorge®, your allied brand, now in digital version!

San Jorge®, your allied brand, now in digital version!

By: Laura Alejandra Castro Herrera-Comunicaciones Levapan

San Jorge®, the renowned and traditional food brand that has accompanied him in his business for more than fifty years, has expanded its digital ecosystem. Now you can find all the necessary products to supply your business and satisfy the palate of your customers in one place, the official website of

San Jorge®.

In addition, you can be inspired by the simple recipes that the brand has developed with you in mind. And as if that were not enough, you will also find a blog section, a space to share knowledge and experiences around the food industry.

The official page of San Jorge®
was developed in order to expand the digital ecosystem, which already had the official networks of the brand on
platforms as @SanJorgeColombia. In addition, the intention is to generate a closer experience between you and the brand; The goal is that you can entertain yourself browsing, get inspired and learn about all the news. In addition, there you can have at hand the entire portfolio of San Jorge®, each product in all available presentations, with their respective characteristics and detailed descriptions. Remember that the catalog offers you:

  • Jams made with fresh pulps that allow to identify the characteristic flavor of the fruits.
  • Sauces and dressings made with natural ingredients, ideal to accompany any meal.
  • Perfect seasonings to add more flavor to the preparations.
  • Preserves, ideal for preparing salads, soups, creams, stews and special dishes.
  • Ready dishes, ready to consume, without neglecting the authentic homemade flavor.
  • Vinegars , perfect to use as a base in the preparation of salads, dressing them and giving them a delicious touch.
  • Fruit nectar, available in various flavors and in three different presentations.
  • Children’s line (San Jorge Má®) in which you will find compotes, food with pieces and laundry ready to prepare.


San Jorge offers you everything you need to make your business a gastronomic showcase.

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