San Jorge Professional Line; natural and quality flavors The best ally of chefs!

San Jorge Professional Line; natural and quality flavors The best ally of chefs!

By: Laura Alejandra Castro Herrera-Comunicaciones Levapan

Salsas San Jorge® has more than fifty years in the Colombian market; This brand is one of the most important nationally in the gastronomic sector due to the high quality of its natural ingredients and the variety of its flavors. San Jorge has eight delicious flavors, ideal to accompany any recipe: Tomato classic mayonnaise, low-fat mayonnaise, mustard, BBQ, Neapolitan, mayonnaise and mustard with spices and tomato paste.

This brand continues to evolve and improve the quality of its products, so its image has changed in order to highlight the attributes of sauces. Additionally, the new presentation includes a distinctive seal on the bottom, which highlights the products Ideal for professional chefs .

Each sauce in the portfolio of San Jorge Institucional was developed thinking about the demands of professional kitchens, where chefs look for sauces that have high quality natural ingredients, aromas and intense flavors that accompany all their preparations.

Why is this change so special?

San Jorge knows that sauces are the secret touch of each chef to leave his personal stamp on each preparation, therefore, the brand wants to publicize its line of products for professionals, highlighting that the sauces of the portfolio are made with natural ingredients and that they are ideal to elaborate the most delicious recipes, making each experience pleasant and different for the client.

San Jorge provides quality inputs for the chef to achieve a

Delicious recipe!

In the past, each chef made the sauces in an artisanal way; However, the massification of products and businesses, showed that this practice was not so profitable or efficient due to the high costs and investment in time that this implied. Additionally, this did not allow the standardization of flavors in the dishes.

Currently and hand in hand with San Jorge, the chef can prepare the best recipes and ensure that each dish has its personal stamp. So you can safely say “I put the sauce”

San Jorge, the professional touch for a perfect preparation!

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