Revista Pan Caliente Colombia launches the new version of its website, much more renewed and improved.

Revista Pan Caliente Colombia launches the new version of its website, much more renewed and improved.

By: María José Alzate P – Comunicaciones Levapan.

Pan Caliente Magazine Colombia launches its new web portal with a much more modern, dynamic, and updated image with the latest trends in the bakery sector

It is no secret to anyone that digitalization is in constant evolution, and Pan Caliente Colombia Magazine wants to be part of this transformation. That is why, after eight years with the same portal, he made the decision to make a change of version on the web.

In this new version, followers will be able to see much more content of relevance to the sector. An example of this are the new sections where you will find: news, special reports and profiles. This, in addition to being very interesting, will provide them with technical tools, knowledge of everything that happens in the digital world, and trends in bakery, pastry and chocolate, with a high quality content.

Another important update in the portfolio are the business cases that have been successful told by their protagonists, in addition, they will be able to meet that hotbed of new bakery and pastry artists telling their innovative and fascinating proposals. Portfolio followers will be surprised with new recipes so they can put them into practice in their businesses.

The portfolio will also have the opinions of three experts as columnists, who will share their points of view from their experience, they are: Francisco Migoya, director of the Modernis Cousin located in Washington and author of one of the most important books of the bakery worldwide “Modernist Bread; Lukas Siwinski- Director of bakery and pastry at the Ferrandi Institute- Italy; and José Ricardo Franco, Marketing Researcher and Branding Consultant and expert in consumer psychology.

Finally, the new web version will have a payment gateway that will make the magazine self-sustainable with Premium content, sale of spaces for advertising, Subscription, among others. In the medium term, Pan Caliente Colombia Magazine wants to be recognized as the best magazine in the sector in the region.

Learn everything that the new version brings by entering here!

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