Passion Fruit Fairy Gel’: the new flavor that will delight your mouth!

Passion Fruit Fairy Gel’: the new flavor that will delight your mouth!

Launch of the incredible, exclusive and fun acid taste that will surprise you.

By: María José Alzate P – Comunicaciones Levapan.

With more than 50 years feeding Colombian families,


gelatin is still one of the favorites , and what is it like being able to resist the unique flavor of Gel’hada? But we wanted to go one step further. We search with flavored houses for new market trends and ask our consumers what flavors they would like to have. That’s why our limited edition passion fruit goes on sale in April, an innovative flavor born from that recurring interest of consumers to try daring flavors, which challenge their taste buds and give them new experiences.

Where can they get it?

This limited edition of


passion fruit will be available from April 5 in all stores, mini markets, supermarkets and chain stores in the cities of:
, Barranquilla,

It comes in its regular presentation x 40g, Prepack x 3 and Prepack x 4.

With this launch, the brand seeks to provide greater variety, captivate the consumer with new experiences and news of flavors that have been waiting for a long time.

Remember that


Jelly is an ideal companion at any time of the day, for everyone in the family.
What are you waiting for to try
the new limited edition Gel’hada Passion Fruit?


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