New Hot Pepper Sauce with onion pieces

New Hot Pepper Sauce with onion pieces

By: Laura Alejandra Castro Herrera-Comunicaciones Levapan

The variety has always characterized this brand expert in sauces, even so, it continues to grow.

San Jorge®

has been the ally of shopkeepers for more than five decades, as it has a wide portfolio of products that easily adjusts to the needs of each consumer.

San Jorge®, the sauce expert, has launched a delicious new product, Hot Chili Sauce in an envelope. This chili sauce allows seasoning, seasoning and enhancing the flavor of meals, without neglecting practicality and naturalness. This new product contains onion pieces that perfectly complement the bittersweet spicy flavor equal to the chili pepper that is prepared at home!

The Hot Pepper Sauce is available in 10g sachet presentation The perfect size to accompany any preparation! With this product in your showcase you can offer all your customers greater variety and practicality at a very affordable price, because this sauce was developed thinking about the demands of consumers when looking for the ideal ingredient or accompaniment for their recipes.

Remember that San Jorge® is your ally and will provide you with all the products to satisfy your customers.

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