My mural St. George Ma

My mural St. George Ma

Publicado: 15 March, 2023


“My mural St. George Ma”

These regulations contain the parameters of participation, restrictions, terms and conditions for the activity called “My mural St. George Ma”which will be binding and opposable to all those who participate in the activity, who by their participation in the terms established herein declare to understand and accept the terms and conditions as well as the procedures and systems established by Levapan for the participation in the activity.


The activity is organized by LEVAPAN S.A., with NIT 860.000.261-6 whose corporate purpose is the manufacture and marketing of food products and ingredients for the food industry for human consumption and animal and agricultural nutrition.

The purpose of the activity is to generate interaction with our brand San Jorge Ma and encourage consumer participation in the Fan Page (Facebook Social Network) in a dynamic and interactive way.

This activity will only be disseminated through the fan page (Social Network Facebook) of “San Jorge má”.


Any citizen of legal age who is domiciled in Bogotá D.C. may participate in the activity “Mi mural San Jorge Ma”.


The participant shall:

  1. Follow our Facebook profile @SanJorgeMa
  2. Record a video where moms or dads must make their baby laugh.
  3. Upload the video to Facebook mentioning the account @SanJorgeMa and the hashtag #MiMuralSanJorgeMa.
  4. The two people who manage to make the baby laugh in the shortest time, upload the video will be the winners.
  5. Participants will have the opportunity to share their video from April 27, 2019 to May 03, 2019.
  6. Each participant may only upload one video for this activity.
  7. On May 04, 2019 a jury of St. George Ma will select the 2 winners who have videos that meet all the above requirements.
  8. We will communicate the winners on May 06, 2019 through the Fan Page (Facebook Social Network).
  9. We will contact the winners to request the information for the delivery of the prize in the city of Bogota, which will take place in a maximum of 15 working days after requesting the information.
  10. The Participant who does not agree with the Terms and Conditions under which the Activity will be carried out has the full right not to participate in the Activity.


The “My St. George Ma Mural” activity will run from April twenty-seven (27), 2019 to May three (3), 2019.


  1. Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Only adults may participate and must authorize their children to participate in the videos.
  • Levapan S.A. employees may not participate in this activity.
  1. Accept the data processing policy enshrined in Law 1581 of 2012.
  2. Comply with the requirements of the activity, i.e., mention the account correctly, include the hashtag correctly, make the baby laugh while recording, upload it to Facebook
  3. Have a public profile and/or publication.
  • To be a relative in first degree of consanguinity of the baby.
  • A photo of the installed mural must be posted on Facebook San Jorge Má.

Only persons who meet all of the requirements set forth in the preceding paragraphs may participate in the activity. Otherwise, the benefit cannot be claimed.


The elaboration of a mural for children, on a wall of maximum 3 x 2 meters (1) one unit. The design of the mural will be subject to the agreement made at the time of the winner with the artist. The prize is only given once and to claim it you must go to the facilities of Levapan S.A. with a photocopy of your identity card to validate your identity. The deadline to claim the prize is May 10, 2019.


For questions, complaints or further information, please visit or contact Levapan S.A.’s customer service line at 419 49 49 in Bogota or send an e-mail to


All participants of the “Mi mural San Jorge Ma” Activity declare to know and fully accept the content of these Terms and Conditions, which can be consulted at

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