Gel’hada take care of yourself while eating delicious food!

Gel’hada take care of yourself while eating delicious food!

Publicado: 15 March, 2023

is one of the most recognized brands by Colombians and preferred by children. With more than 50 years in the market, it has always stood out not only for its unparalleled flavor, but also for having natural ingredients, besides being the ideal companion for any meal.

Gel’hada comes in nine delicious fruit flavors: blackberry, grape, raspberry, strawberry, lemon, pineapple, orange, cherry y red fruits. All its presentations are naturally sweetened with flavors identical to the natural one and without preservatives, which makes it a product that cannot be missing in the Colombian household market.

And now the new presentation of
Gel’hada Gelatin
Gelatin offers many more benefits, thanks to its content in Zinc and vitamin C. Helps strengthen the defense system of all family members.

Zinc is an important nutrient for people to be healthy. It is very important for the immune system to function properly.

Some benefits of Zinc are:

  • Prevents and reduces the symptoms of the common cold.
  • Helps strengthen the body’s defenses
  • It is necessary in the development process during the first years of life.

On the other hand, the Vitamin C is a nutrient that provides multiple properties to the organism.

  • It is necessary for the growth and protection of tissues, in addition to functioning as an antioxidant.
  • Consuming Vitamin C keeps bones and teeth strong.
  • It is a natural source of energy and protects the skin.

now with Zinc and Vitamin C is available in the following presentations Regular gelatin x 40g, Prepack x3 and Prepack x4.

Besides its content of Zinc and Vitamin Cthe benefits of consuming Gel’hada Gelatin are:

  • It contains collagen, which helps skin, joints and digestion.
  • Naturally sweetened with fruit flavors identical to natural.
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives.
  • Free of fat and cholesterol.
  • Contains two grams of protein per serving
  • Ideal consumption for all ages.
  • Recommended for soft diets due to its easy digestion.
  • It can be a dessert or a delicious drink.
  • Yields for the household economy.

Need more reasons to buy the new presentation of Gel’hada with Zinc and Vitamin C?

Don’t think twice and enjoy its delicious taste while taking advantage of all its benefits!

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