Gelatin Gel ́ fairy launches Website!

Gelatin Gel ́ fairy launches Website!

By: María José Alzate P – Comunicaciones Levapan.

Gel’hada is not indifferent to the digitization of information and the importance of increasing the link and interaction with its consumer, for this reason since April 15 Gel’hada is now present on digital platforms.

The main objective
of the
website is to be the specialized consultation site for consumers who are loyal to the brand. In addition, to educate you in front of the great variety offered by Gel’hada, you can also know the different benefits and offers that the brand will make known throughout the year.

This platform is an excellent tool to be in constant contact with the consumer, creating differential content to build loyalty and attract new consumers to the brand.

What will they find?

Recipes, preparation and nutrition tips, the wide portfolio of products of the brand, as well as the latest news

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