A world of fun with the best snacks for your pet

A world of fun with the best snacks for your pet

By: María José Alzate P – Comunicaciones Levapan



we know how important the most special member of the family is, that little dog that accompanies you and makes your days happy, that’s why, in an alliance with the support of Nutritec we launched the new line of

pet food.

Nutritec S.A.S is a company, product of knowledge in the provision of professional services and the supply of products of optimum quality for the sectors of nutrition and health in animals.

The best snacks for your pet

Because your puppy deserves the best, the new snacks come in two presentations, made with natural ingredients that will provide your pet with proteins, vitamins and minerals, low in fat, and flours, very easy to portion and will last you a long time, since we guarantee more per package.

Providing a healthy diet, and at the same time taking care of your hair, your skin and improving your breath, we present you:

  • Happy kan: Edible toy based on fortified bait:

Complete and nutritious food made of bone fortified with Omega 3 and Omega 6, contains 78% protein, made from 100% carnaza.

This product comes in two presentations:


Nutritional supplement with vitamins A, E, B complex, minerals and natural antioxidants such as rosemary and animal proteins; promotes dental hygiene; And it comes in three delicious flavors: beef, chicken and beef.

For more information, visit our Animal Nutrition section

Feed your life partner with the most delicious products with Nutritec and Levapan!

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