Sauce with pineapple from the field® bag of 1 Kg

Chef’s Tips

Ideal for:

  • Hot dogs.
  • Accompaniments and salads.

Features & Benefits

  • The perfect sauce at affordable prices.
  • Good look and taste.
  • Ideal for various preparations.
  • Easy to dose.
  • Easy to store.
  • Variety of sauces.


  • Store in a clean, cool, dry place.
  • The bodies must be in good physical condition: No corrosion (rust), smooth joints, no protruding sheets and / or perforations. Free of foreign odors, organic material, dirt, pests and/or moisture.
  • Products must not be transported with substances such as paint or varnish, petroleum or petroleum-based products, soap or detergents, chemicals or any polluting product.
  • Avoid subjecting the product to strong impacts that may affect the integrity of the arrume, the packaging and the product as such.
  • Place the heaviest boxes before those with the greatest weight and area.


I give Pack of 1 Kg.

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