Sanitary towel adapt plus STAYFREE® Ultrathin x 12 Units

Foolproof protection so that you live every moment to the fullest. Its natural® agents neutralize possible menstrual odors giving you the security you need to continue your day normally. With cotton extract it gives you a soft sensation and prevents possible irritations. Its fast absorption system Compact Gel acts by moving the flow away from direct contact with your skin, keeping you clean and safe and discreet.

Odor neutralizer.

Remove the tape from the back of the towel and place it in the center of the underwear.

Features & Benefits

Unique shape that adapts to curves and does not move. Ultra-thin format that provides the same protection of the regular format with more convenience. With deep channels that direct and absorb the flow. Individual packaging. Contains odor neutralizer.


  • Width: 95.0 mm
  • Length: 84.0 mm
  • Height: 75.0 mm

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