Practicrem Colmaíz® 1kg

It is a powdered mixture that contains the necessary ingredients to prepare a creamy drink following the preparation instructions.

Features & Benefits

Differentiators and advantages of Practicrem

Creamy drink with Practicrem

  • Less volume loss in cooked pasta (up to 8%) compared to other formulations.
  • Longer shelf life of pasta > 10 days in refrigeration.
  • Longer shelf life of the creamy > drink 8 days of preparation.
  • There are no fermentation problems in the drink.
  • After a while the drink continues to maintain a perfect mix; There is no separation of phases.

Creamy drink with traditional milk-based formulas

  • Greater volume loss in cooked pasta (loss of 11% to 15%)
  • Shorter shelf life of pasta and drink < 3 days in refrigeration.


  • Store on pallets, in a clean, covered and moisture-free cellar at room temperature.

Shelf life

12 months


  • 12 bags x 1 kg packed in a bag x 12 kg.

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