Mayonnaise lower in fat and calories San Jorge® 120 g

Published: March 4, 2022

Mayonnaise San Jorge® is obtained from the emulsion of water in oil with the addition of whole egg. Its consistency is smooth and creamy and allows to obtain the best preparations due to its good performance and color.


Perfect to accompany salads, steamed potatoes and fast foods. It is also a companion to cold dishes, meats and also serves as a base to prepare other sauces.

Useful life

8 months.


Glass container for 120 g


Length: 47mm

Width: 47mm

Height: 115mm

  • It is a mayonnaise with an excellent color and consistency which helps to improve all your preparations at home.
  • It has 44 % reduction in calories and 50 % reduction in fat compared to a traditional mayonnaise.
  • In addition, it contains natural fatty acids: omegas 3 (0.3 g), omega 6 (2.7 g) and omega 9 (1.3 g).

Store the product in a clean, cool and dry place.

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