Coffee Roasted Oma® In Beans Excelso

  • Coffee Excelso Grano
  • Contains:100% Coffee

Features & Benefits

  • Clean, herbal, strong, intense and roasted coffee, with medium acidity and medium body.
  • It has Icontec NTC 3534 quality certification of 2007.
  • Certification of appellation of origin. DOP- COL – 0028-002.
  • Protected geographical indication certification IGP-COL-0028-002


  • Keep tightly closed in a clean, cool and dry place.
  • Without exposing to moisture or heat sources.
  • After opening keep closed and store in an airtight container, store it preferably inside the refrigerator and consume in the shortest possible time.

Shelf life

10 months.


500 gr and 2.5 kg

Elaboration process

  1. Heat the water without letting it boil.
  2. Select the type of grinding according to the method of coffee preparation, and grind the required amount.
  3. For each well of water (100 ml) add a tablespoon of top institutional coffee (about 6g).
  4. If you use cloth strainer, pour hot water with circular movements over the coffee. (Wash the cloth filter frequently using hot water, so as not to affect the quality of the drink.)
  5. If you use a coffee maker or other method that requires a filter, discard it when you finish the preparation. Consume and enjoy the freshly prepared drink.

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