Peas Sabanera San Jorge® 2 cans of 180 gc/u

Published: 28 July, 2020

Selected and processed fresh peas, ideal for making salads, soups, creams and special meals.


  • All San Jorge® Peas are used to prepare hot and cold dishes, and are perfect to complement rice dishes, meats, creams and soups.
  • The baby pea is a medium grain that is easy to use in salads.

Useful life

24 months.


Duo pack of 180 gc/u.


Height: 64mm

Width: 113mm

Length: 65mm

  • Average size.
  • Slightly sweet taste.
  • Soft and firm consistency.

  • Store the product at room temperature under normal conditions of pressure and humidity.
  • Once opened, remove the product from the original container and consume as soon as possible.

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