Levapan introduces three new essence flavors: Lemon Lime, Chocolate and Honey.

Levapan introduces three new essence flavors: Lemon Lime, Chocolate and Honey.

These essences were developed in order to continue providing you with everything you need to make the most delicious preparations.

By: Laura Alejandra Castro Herrera-Levapan Communications

For more than 67 years, Levapan® has worked hand in hand with bakers and pastry chefs in Colombia, providing them with the best supplies for their businesses. This brand specializes in manufacturing products that simplify the manufacturing processes of all preparations in the bakery sector.

On this occasion,  Levapan® brings to your business the trendy flavors that you have been waiting for so much to surprise all your customers:

  • lemon lime flavor essence: This flavor is associated with vitamin C and the strengthening of the immune system. This essence will give the perfect touch to all your bakery and biscuit preparations.
  • chocolate flavor essence: This flavor goes beyond the palate, as it has been proven to improve mood and help reduce stress.
  • Honey flavor essence: This delicious essence will give your preparations a distinctive character, because since this flavor is used as a substitute for sugar, it is usually associated with the well-being that healthy preparations provide.

For Levapan®, an expert in essences, every day has been a challenge and every year has become 365 opportunities to create and surprise with valuable ingredients that facilitate preparations and delight the palates of all its bakers and pastry chefs.


Do not wait any longer to include the new flavors of Levapan essences in your business, your customers will thank you.

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  • by Gustavo Andres Santiago Bustamante, post on | Reply

    We request attention for the distribution of levapan products…
    Stay tuned.
    Gustavo Andres Santiago.

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