Meet Biolev by Levapan the biotechnology expert!

Meet Biolev by Levapan the biotechnology expert!


Levapan The year begins with the launch of Biolev by Levapan, the new identity of its bio ingredients unit, which seeks to position itself in market trends. Biolev by Levapan is the result of 30 years of experience in the company's biotechnology sector. thus proving that Levapan is an expert ally in the consolidation of innovative technologies with the ability to adapt to the needs of its customers.

Biolev by Levapan, will allow multiple sectors to have products of a natural nature and with free certifications of genetically modified organisms (GMO free). In the same way, it expands the portfolio of industries that seek contributions in nutrition, health and experience through natural solutions. With this, Levapan seeks to reduce the use of sodium in food lines.

Biolev by Levapan plans to build Customer Application Centers (CAC), which will give it the possibility of providing an agile and effective mechanism to start joint development projects with the industry in general. In Levapan you will find experts who put all their knowledge in scientific development at the service of their clients, expanding their bio-ingredient production capacity in Colombia from their plant in Tuluá, Valle del Cauca, during 2020, with an investment of 5.5. millions of dollars.

If you are looking for solutions in the biological field, in which the natural, the organic, the essential stand out, but at the same time you do not want to sacrifice the productivity of your processes, Biolev by Levapan It is what you need because it is that balance between performance, efficiency and productivity.


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    I am interested in knowing your portfolio

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    good morning inform me what are the products

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